Volcano sunrise trekking

Imagine standing on the top of the second most active volcano of Bali. Well you can experience that during this private tour to the top of the volcano.

From the top you will get to see the sun rising smoothly with orange gold sky background. The lake view on the slope of the mountain. Unspoiled air and the warmth of the sunlight on your skin are just a few experiences to mention.


Let’s escape from your busy and tight schedule and experience the adventure. The Volcano Sunrise Trekking is a perfect way to go back to nature, enjoying the fresh air, taking a deep breath and releasing your stressful mind.

It is an easy to medium level trekking. The duration is 4 to 5 hours in total. The Mount Batur is a volcano on Bali erected in the gigantic ancient crater about 700 meter tall and 1717 meter above sea level.

Tour starts at 04.00 am from the starting point and you’ll reach the peak at about 06.00 am, the perfect time to spot the sunrise. Your breakfast will be served on the top of the volcano with egg and banana cooked in the hot steam.

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