Tirta Gangga Water Palace Bali

right side goldfish pond tirta gangga water palace

entrance of tirta gangga water palace center of tirta gangga water palace

Tirta Gangga Water Palace Bali is a Royal Water Palace included to the royal line of Karangasem Kingdom. Situated in Ababi village, about 83 km from Denpasar or 6 miles north of Amlapura, capital of Karangasem regency. The view of the area is so beautiful and the climate is relatively cool.

In 1948 the water park was built by initiative of the King of Karangasem, Anak Agung Ketut Karangasem Anglurah. This water park design is combination of Balinese and Chinese architectural styles. Before it’s constructed into a water park, the water sources have been there before, which is employed by the community to meet their basic requirement for water but also as holy water is believed to purify any horrible energy around the area.

Tirta purpose that water is blessed and named after the Gangga River in India. Water from the spring water Tirta Gangga considered as sacred by Hindus people in Bali. This water is used for religious rituals in temples in the area up to now. These springs are needed for the ceremony organized by temples around Tirta Gangga which may be reached on foot.

Entering to the Tirta Gangga Water Palace Bali can be seen that there is a pond on the right side is decorated by decorative rocks and it’s placed around the pool, while the other serves as a bridge. Gods and goddesses standing majestically in the center of the cold water pool. The Goldfish swimming in the water, their beautiful scales shine like the sun light reflected in the water. This section is Swah level. On this level, where in addition to two ornamental ponds, there is also a swimming pool where locals and visitors can enjoy a swim in the fresh and cool spring. The best package for visit this place is East Side Bali Tour from our tour package.

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