Kehen Temple Bali’s Second Largest Temple

Kehen Temple Bali
Kehen Temple Bali the second largest temple in bali island
Amazing temple Kehen Temple Bali View of Kehen Temple Bali

Kehen Temple Bali is a second largest Hindu Temple in Bali (after Besakih Temple) that located on the foot of south part of Bangli Hill, right in the Pakuwon surroundings that is a residential and an area of Bangli Regency. This Temple is only 45 km from Denpasar Capital City or 20 minutes from Kintamani, one of the famous interesting place in Bali. Kehen Temple Bali is a worship place for Hindus in Bali especially for Bangli people to worship the greatness of God. Kehen Temple Bali featured by the strategical area with Balinese traditional architectures and blanketed by the cool temperatures. It’s make Kehen Temple Bali as a Place of Interest in Bali worth to visit this place.

Kehen Temple Bali Inscriptions

There is another Hindu temple in front of Kehen Temple called Penyimpenan Temple to keep 3 inscriptions about the existence of Kehen Temple Bali. According to DR.R. Goris, the all of 3 inscriptions are:

  • The Kehen Temple A Inscription, an inscription with Yumu Pakatahu type. It’s from 9 century
  • The Kehen Temple B Inscription, an inscription from the year 971 Caka issued by Anak Wungsu
  • The Kehen Temple inscription from 1126 issued by the king of Sri Adikuntiketana

According with the Kehen Temple A Inscription in the 9th century that Kehen Temple Bali previously called Hyang Api. Based on the inscription issued by Sri Adikuntiketana King hence, the temple‚Äôs name has changed into Hyang Kehen. Hyang Api and Hyang Kehen have an identic meaning. Word Kehen is came from the word “Keren” it’s mean a fire place that is called by Angolo or Homa Fire Place. Word of Keren has changed into Kehen, hence Hyang Kehen has same meaning with what we call Kehen Temple.

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