Penglipuran Traditional Village Bali

Bali traditional village Penglipuran

Penglipuran Traditional Village is a rustic area that has the order of traditional village that includes traditional specific face traditional amazing countryside. With the village structure and culture of the people prevail hereditary. Within the residential areas and the main village road Penglipuran an area free of all types of vehicles.

In addition hallmark Penglipuran Traditional Village is on angkul – angkul ( gate ) houses were uniform. There are 76 angkul – angkul derived from the 76 yard showing neatness lined up on the north end to the south of the village. Figure 76 shows the 76 main families or manners customary pangarep. This village divided into three sections, specifically the sacred building which is found within the upper, middle housing and farm land downstream.

Penglipuran word it self contains two styles of that means, which is derived from the word Pangeling, on the idea of the word “mindful”, which means to remember and “pura” which means land of the ancestors, therefore Penglipuran means to remember the ancestral lands and comes from the word sense penglipur entertainer. It’s based mostly as a result of it’s said King Bangli often visit this place to calm pikiran. In the afternoon when most villagers out of the house after the completion of their regular activities in the morning and afternoon, they’re going bent gather together other villagers and men in afternoon issued their beloved rooster and not infrequently they do tajen / cockfighting however while not a knife at his feet.

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